About Us

About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Cindi Maciolek, and I’m passionate about writing, using the turn of the word to entertain, to teach a lesson or to make people think.

I’ve been writing since I was four years old, and although I love the challenge of the novel, my desire is to bring my ideas to the screen – large or small.  So, on this site, I present to you a summary of my completed works. 

I believe there’s enough drama in everyday life, so my writing is meant to be an escape – but on the light side. Therefore, I focus on light drama and comedy; no thrillers or horror in my repertoire! 

If you are a producer, director, actor or agent looking for a fresh, new voice – I’d appreciate your consideration.

More works are under construction, including screenplays. My main audience is female over 25, but I do have some items that are aimed at a different market. 

If one of my projects looks interesting to you, please reach out by contacting me here. Or, if you have an idea and you need a writer, please consider me as a a writer for hire

Thank you for your time!