About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Grand Arbor Productions is a female-owned creative production company with the mission to create entertainment with a message. The focus is generally on comedy, but quirky drama is also in the plan.

I’m Cindi Maciolek, founder, and I’m passionate about writing, using the turn of the word to entertain, to teach a lesson or to make people think.

I believe there’s enough drama in everyday life, so my writing is meant to be an escape – but on the lighter side. Therefore, I focus mostly on light drama and comedy. 

If you are a producer, director, actor or agent looking for a fresh, new voice – I’d appreciate your consideration. On this site, I present to you a summary of my completed works with more titles under development. 

If one of my projects looks interesting to you, please reach out by contacting me here. Or, if you have an idea and you need a writer, please consider me as a a writer for hire. 

Thank you for your time!